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Phosphating services in Prudhoe and the North East

Phosphating is a finish requested regularly throughout many industrial sectors - including oil and gas exploration, aerospace and defence. The coating is created from the chemical reaction between the metal being treated and the constituent parts of the phosphating solution. Uniform and grey/black in appearance, the benefits phosphate offers to finished components manufactured from iron and steel are:

  • Corrosion protection when post-treated with an oil based sealant

  • It is an excellent base coat prior to painting. The crystalline finish of the phosphate enables paint to adhere perfectly onto the surface of the finished components

  • Due to their fine oil absorption qualities, phosphate finish coatings can be used as a lubricant carrier, offering resistance to wear between moving components

A coarse finish in comparison to the others, this relative roughness ensures that zinc phosphate is ideal for use as a base for painting, or if bonding of plastic or rubber onto steel is required. The larger crystals equally allow superior retention of the post phosphate oil sealant, maximising corrosion resistance.  Zinc phosphate finish is grey in appearance.

Zinc phosphate coating

This phosphate is similar to the zinc based one described above.  However, due to the addition of calcium at source, the resultant finish is of a finer crystalline structure.  This finish is also grey in appearance.

Medium weight zinc phosphate (microcrystalline)

Chemical blackening

The Premier Plating Company can offer this black oxide finish upon steel based components. This process offers minimal protection and is therefore not suited to harsh environments.  However, our hot chemical blackening system offers a very uniform, dark black cosmetic finish to iron and steel based parts.

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Due to its smaller and smoother crystalline finish, manganese phosphate is primarily requested for use on components where moving or wearing surfaces are involved i.e. gears and pinions. Manganese phosphate is very dark grey/black in appearance.

Manganese phosphate coating


A molykote finish is offered as a specialist dry lubricant for anti-galling purposes, mainly on threaded areas or on surfaces which come into contact with another.  This unique coating is applied then subsequently oven cured and is grey in appearance.


Phosphated units Manganese-Phosphate