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Electroless nickel plating

Unlike conventional electro-nickel plating, electroless nickel coatings are deposited as a result of the autocatalytic reaction between the plating solution and the component. This process is commonly used where components are subject to harsh conditions throughout their working life, when corrosion protection is needed.  It is frequently requested by customers who operate in the oil and gas exploration and manufacturing sectors.

  • All areas exposed to the solution receive a uniform coverage of nickel phosphorous

  • Unlike nickel plating, this process is ideal for deposition inside bores, recesses, internal threads etc, without peaks or troughs

  • Specialist jigging is not required, so there are no electrical contact marks present on finished components

Due to the absence of electrical current, the process offers many advantages over electro-deposited nickel:

This process can be used on components manufactured from steel, aluminium, copper, brass and other alloys. Typical coating thicknesses range from 8 microns up to a maximum of 60.

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